Locally sourced Grannies

Saturday (10/10) will be our last day at the Midtown Farmer’s Market for the season. Come check out some of the goodies we make for the market that haven’t made it to delivery yet, like Cardamom Spinners, all kinds of Scones, and Olive Bread, as well as plenty of familiar favorites. Nate and his wife Jodi (and possibly some adorable offspring) will be personing the booth from 8am-1pm.

Haulin’ Oats
We’ve got a new bread in the line up!
Nate’s been working on this Honey Oat bread for the farmer’s market and now we’ll be trying it out on you on the 21st (Single Speed is on the 14th). And just a heads up – We’ll be sporting loaf breads the next two weeks while Nate is out of town and Micah does the work of two along with the help of Susan on deliveries, and our new intern, Isabella, helping with the prep work. Hooray for help! Holla if you have questions.

Grandma Impersonators
Last week a Grandma from Tennessee put us on cookie delivery duty. She said, “I can’t be there to bake cookies for my grand kids, so you’ll have to do it for me!”
Probably the most important delivery we’ll ever make!
It’s also a cool reminder of how this crazy little bakery we started connects neighbors and families. Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives.

Your local Grandmas,

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