The Best Cheese Slicer On The Market – The Handy Buying Guide

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Let us be honest, with no matter how hard you try; you simply can’t get the proper and same piece of cheese when you cut it. That would be the first common problem when you take the knife and go for a slice of cheese.

The second is – when you cut the cheese with the kitchen knife, there will always be some leftovers on the blade, forcing you to clean it before you cut the next piece. And if you need to prepare the cheese for family or friends coming by, well, the tension naturally increases.

So, what to do?

The answer is rather simple because it is time to acquire one utensil that will ease the cutting of this delicious treat. Stay with us as we look for the best cheese slicer.

RankImageProduct NameScore
1Norpro Adjustable Cheese Slicer97/100View Product
2Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer95/100View Product
3Westmark Wire Cheese Slicer92/100View Product
4Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer90/100View Product
5Westmark Multipurpose Cheese And Food Slicer87/100View Product
*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

A Slice Of History


Almost one century ago, the Holland Carpenter Thor Bjørklund was facing the same problem when he was trying to get a proper slice of cheese. But instead of keeping on with the frustration, he went to his shop and made the first cheese slicer.

After just two years, his invention was duplicated and spread over the world with over the 50 million pieces.

Today, when visiting the local grocery store you will notice that there are many types of cheese and their manufacturing process will varyin different ways and shapes.

The cheese slicers are there to accommodate the che ese varieties, and they also differ in form, materials, and use.

After this brief historical introduction, now we can look forward and see what you should have in mind before you get the Best Cheese Slicer that market has to offer.

What To Look For When Buying The Cheese Slicer


Of course, the easiest way to get a good slice of cheese is to buy the pre-sliced and packaged cheese.

But, every single cheese enthusiast and admirer know that he can get the best flavor if he cuts the cheese by himself.

Thus, the broad range of products can be tricky and troublesome, and getting the right one for your needs can turn out to be a complicated task.

It is very common that the first attributes that you will look for are the materials of which the cheese slicer consists.

Mainly, all slicers are rounded in three categories when it comes down to construction, and they are wooden, marble and stainless steel.

Types Of Cheese Slicers


Wooden cheese slicers are lightweight, and they are considered to be safe from any bacteria.

Marble cheese slicers look beautiful, and they have astylist or designer look, but also they are thick and durable.

Stainless steel slicers usually have awire that cuts the cheese into slices. They are durable and rust-free utensils.

Next, below you will find some practical tips that are important, and you should have them in mind before buying the cheese slicer.

Is It Safe To Use?

If you have small children, it is imperative that the cheese slicer is safe to use and that it could be near the kids without the worry if they can hurt themselves. Also, being extra careful means that you also must care for your hands and fingers.


Well, when buying any kitchen utensil you should check the build materials of thetool because that feature will determine the durability of the product. Hard pressure, rust, and dust are the things to consider when choosing the cheese slicer since it must withstand all cutting tests.

Thick or thin slice? The thickness of the slice may vary by the occasion, and your expectation must match with the versatility of the tool. So, the cheese slicer should be an adjustable utensil that can help you in many circumstances.

Cleaning and storage. Another glimpse of common sense is related to general thinking about any kitchen gadget. We all aim for the product that is easy to clean, maintain and store without occupying the whole kitchen area.

Nothing is different when it comes down to the cheese slicers. The cheese slicer must be easy to clean, and it doesn’t have to take additional space for storing. Dishwasher feature is also a good option to consider.

Board with variety of cheese on wooden background

Manufacturer’s care about the product.Warranty is definitively a good sign that in front of you is the tool that will serve your needs for a long time. Some products will have a lifetime warranty while the others will come with couple years of warranty.

The cutting wire. When it comes down to the wire cheese slicers, the norm is that this utensil must have detachable and replaceable cutting wire. Some slicers will come with additional wire as a backup when you buy them, but some of them won’t. So, you won’t make any mistake if you buy extra cutting wires at the same time when you purchase the slicer.

It is important to know that there will be many options related to products, so it is up to you to find the right balance between features,durability, and price.

Types Of Cheese Slicers Available At The Market


Before we make the next step with looking into the best products, it is time to see the three most important types of cheese slicers that can you can found on the market.

Like with any other utensil, it’s nice to know that these tools are there to match your needs and the kinds of cheese you want to cut and prepare for the serving.

Therefore, if you require getting a slice of soft cheese, you will use rolling or wire cheese slicer, or plane slicer for hard and semi-hard cheese. It’s pretty much simple and straightforward as it sounds.

Rolling Cheese Slicer


The basic design of this type of cheese slicer is making it appear as the letter T. The construction divides into three parts – the body, the roller and the stainless steel wire.

The roller is connected to the body with two posts on the side and usually is adjustable to provide a different thickness of the slice.

The use of rolling cheese slicers is pretty much simple. Place the cheese in front of you and then pull the roller over the surface of the cheese towards you. The roller will roll and at the same time cut the cheese without leaving any crumbles on the surface of the slice.

You can use the rolling cheese slicer on soft and semi-hard cheese but remember to do that while the cheese is cold.

Also, you can easily cut the hard cheese with rolling slicers but take notice that the cheese should rest at the room temperature for a while so you can cutit easily.

Finally, these cheese slicers are small and compact, and they don’t require much space for storing.

Wire Cheese Slicer

a block of cheddar cheese slices of cheddar cheese and a cheese slicer on a plate.

This type of cheese slicer will require more space to operate with it, but be sure that the functionality will give you plane, straight and clean slices of the cheese.

The construction of the wire slicer consists of a plane board and an attached arm with the stainless steel wire that cuts the cheese. With thanks to the bigger dimensions, they are excellent for cutting the larger blocks of cheese.

You could cut all three types of cheese with minimum effort, but you will get the best performance when cutting the soft and semi-hard cheeses.

Plane Cheese Slicer


A wire cheese cutter being used to slice some Munster cheese. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

The plane cheese slicer has a sturdy construction which consists of the handle and the upper flat part that has the blade in the center of the wedge.

The slices will come with shaving the cheese, but the slices won’t be so nice looking as with the rolling or wire cheese slicers. The firm blade of this slicer isn’t wide, so the cheese will come out narrower and usually wrapped up.

Hard or semi-hard cheese is easy to cut with the plane slicer, but when you use it on soft cheese, it could tear the slices. However, many of these products come with the non-stick surface of the blade to provide clean but textured slice.

We can say that the info above provides basic but essential info related to the cheese slicers, and what you should notice when you decided to buy this useful gadget.

Now, we can move forward and see which are the best products that you should consider.

Reviews Of 5 Best Cheese Slicer

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Westmark Wire Cheese Slicer


This cheese slicer comes as the best seller and the best wire cheese slicer available at the market for a long time. The body consists out of hard aluminum which makes it very durable.

However, the Westmark Wire cheese slicer doesn’t have an adjustable system, but you can easily slice thicker pieces of cheese at 90 degrees, or thinner ones at 45 degrees of angle. Both the roller and the wire are out of high-quality stainless steel, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, the manufacturer provides the product with the 5-year warranty, and total refund if you are not satisfied with the Westmark Wire Cheese Slicer.


  • Very durable, the high-quality aluminum construction.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small, versatile and easy to store.


  • Not dishwasher safe product.
  • Not resistant to rust or breakage.

2. Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer

As the description says, the Bellemain cheese slicer is the adjustable one which provides you with the ability to get the desired thickness of the slices. When you buy this product, it will come with an additional stainless steel cutting wire that you can easily replace.

The whole zinc alloy body is easy to clean, and it can last for many years to come. With no matter what cheese you need to cut, this useful and versatile little gadget will slide smoothly through hard, semi-hard and soft cheese.

However, it occurs that the cutting wire will get loose after some time and you will need to replace it.


  • The body is out of durable material and has a comfortable handle.
  • This cheese slicer will cut any cheese.
  • ​It is adjustable for any thickness that you may need.
  • ​It comes with the additional cutting wire.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The handle could be small for your needs and be difficult to operate.
  • The wire will loose and break after a short period of use.
  • Replacing the cutting wire will be challenging, and you will need two different screwdrivers.

3. Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer comes from the company that is in the kitchen equipment business for a long time, and their products are generally speaking of that.

So, the Fox Run White Marble cheese slicer is a straightforward product that comes with nice marble board which keeps the cheese fresh, and the base has rubber pads that will maintain agood grip on the surface as you cut the cheese.

The sturdy handle comes with the stainless steel cutting wire which can easily cut through hard, semi-hard and soft cheese. Also, the manufacturer provides you with the two extra cutting wires.

The marble board is easy to clean, but it recommended that it should be hand washed to avoid the damaging of the board.


  • The marble board will prevent the cheese from melting on the room temperature.
  • Easy to use, clean and very durable.
  • Two additional cutting wires is definitively a bonus.


  • The wires are not durable.
  • The marble board is weighty and has small surface.
  • The rubber pads will fall off quickly.

4. Norpro Adjustable Cheese Slicer

The Norpro Cheese Slicer is probably one of the best heavy duty cheese slicer product available at the market. But being the best sometimes is not enough, and this slicer is also the toughest one available. With the Norpro cheese slicer, you will get an even slice of cheese, every time.

Like many other rolling cheese slicers, the Norpro has an adjustable roller which will provide you with a desirable thickness of the cut. The body has a beautiful zinc alloy color, and you should wash only with your hands, or otherwise, the color tone will fade and change.


  • Sturdy and durable zinc alloy construction.
  • Easy to clean, store and maintain.
  • It comes with an extra steel and stainless steel cutting wire.


  • The only flaw is that you need to wash it with your hands.

5. Westmark Multipurpose Cheese And Food Slicer

The German TV commercials related to kitchen utensils are full with multi-purpose gadgets. The company will pack as many tools in one machine as they can, and believe us – that attracts the customers.

Like many other products from Germany, this multi-purpose slicer is a high-quality product, and there is a couple of reasons for that. The ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)comes with polypropylene scale that you can easily adjust for your needs.

The handle of the blade is of high quality cast aluminum, and the blade itself is out of stainless steel. The superb quality comes all the way.

And another useful feature in this utensil is the ability to cut vegetables, smaller portions of meat, some fruits and when you finish with your work – the cleaning is easy.


  • This cheese slicer has a durable board with the dimensions six by four inches.
  • Easy to clean and very versatile kitchen utensil.
  • ​The adjustable scale will help you to get the desired thickness of the cheese.
  • ​You can use it to cut other food products.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • This cheese slicer is very expensive.
  • It may be difficult for you to cut the softer cheese.


Generally, we think that the cheese slicer must be small, versatile, durable and reliable product and since it has a simple construction, there must be no dramatic flaws.

So, our definitive pick is the Norpro Adjustable Cheese Slicer because it matches with the overall norms when it comes down to this kind of kitchenware products.

So, have a nice slice of cheese and enjoy the flavor.

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